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Message from President
Striving for Unmatched Analysis of Small- and Mid-Cap Growth Companies and Listed High-Growth, Startup Firms

As the research arm of Ichiyoshi group, Ichiyoshi Research Institute (IRI) specializes in stock analysis targeting small- and mid-cap growth companies in Japan and listed high-growth, startup firms. Our specific emphasis is on identifying the next generation of growth companies, then swiftly providing investors with the high-quality investment information that they need.

IRI is home to 17 analysts who conduct wide-ranging analysis covering IT, high tech, bio-industry and other growth fields. Every analyst on staff is involved in analyzing the stocks of small- and mid-cap growth companies and listed startup firms. We proudly boast a top-class team of analysts, most of who are long-time veterans in the field, with an average of over 17 years experience in stock analysis.

In terms of output, in addition to originating over 2,200 reports for investors each year through publications such as Kigyo Report (Stock Research Report), which features investment decisions for companies we cover, Gyokai Bunseki (Industry Analysis), and Top Interview, we also publish Growth Industries & Companies. When it comes to stock analysis centered on small- and mid-cap growth companies in Japan and listed startup firms, we consistently strive to provide the very best analysis and data in both volume and quality.

Essential to achieving these goals is fostering the development of talented securities analysts. For this reason, we place emphasis on having experienced analysts offer in-depth guidance to those new to the work. Once excellent research and analytical skills are acquired, these analysts, in turn, provide data on those small- and mid-cap companies and listed startup firms from which high growth rates and robust performance are anticipated. In this way, IRI is determined to make a distinct contribution to more informed decisions among investors.

Ichiyoshi Research Institute Inc.

President & Representative Director

Nobuhisa Yamanaka