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Business Overview
Outline of Business

The main services of IRI are to research and provide information on small- and mid-cap growth companies listed on the stock exchanges. We focus on assessing the growth potential of small- and mid-cap companies, and analyzing if their growth potentials are correctly reflected in the stock prices. Our analysts continuously follow approximately 450 companies, including the emerging markets, such as JASDAQ and Mothers.

One of the characteristics of IRI's research is its focus on growth-oriented sectors, such as high-tech (advanced technology), information technology, biochemical and bioengineering, logistic innovation, eco-friendliness and infrastructure improvement. Each analyst, versed in his own research sector(s), can produce in-depth reports by way of extensive data collection activities including one-on-one contacts with the top managements of targeted companies.

IRI publishes "Growth Industries & Companies" to report its latest research and information collection activities, and uses Internet, TV and other media services for further distribution of its research information, all for the benefit of investors.